Living a healthy lifestyle is my 2021 goal. I am taking BioMe healthcare products to boost my immunity.  I also share BioMe products with my family members as the products are suitable for all family members including kids. 

BioMe is a complete superfood that packs with nutrients. It is plant base and 100% natural ingredients. BioMe has 4-star products:-

1) BioMe Bio Juice

2) BioMe Bio Glow

3) BioMe Bio Boost

4) BioMe Bio Daily Plus

BioMe Bio Juice

Bio Juice is suitable 13 years old and above. I love the taste and it contains Blackcurrant, Konjac, Beetroot, Passion fruit powder, Psyllium husk powder, Fructose. 

The benefits: it helps to lower my cholesterol and sugar level. It also suitable for those that suffer constipation as Bio Juice contains high fiber and rich in iron, vitamin B & C. 

BioMe Bio Glow

Bio Glow is the star product for every woman. I love the taste of the Bio Glow. It contains Peach juice powder, Acelora extract powder, Norway salmon collagen peptide, Sakura extract, Tremella extract, Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10.

It helps to prevent aging and improve our joint. My skin more glowing and it helps to reduce my dark spots.

BioMe Bio Daily Plus

Bio Daily Plus is the first in Malaysia powder-based yogurt with 9 prebiotic. As we know yogurt drink is good for our digestion system. At the same time, it helps to improve our body towards lactose intolerance. Bio Daily plus is a good source of carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins A, B, E.


The star ingredient: Instant yogurt powder, Milk powder, Whole grain powder, Probiotic. Bio Daily plus is suitable for kids 2 years old and above.

BioMe Bio Boost

Bio Boost is the key to improve our immunity system. I highly recommend it as it helps to improve our respiratory especially those that suffer from sinus or sensitive nose like me. It also maintains good sugar and blood levels. 

Besides that, it helps to fight inflammation and suitable for diabetes patients. Bio Boost suitable for 2 years old and above. And Bio Boost also suitable for smokers.

How to consume BioMe Happy Family Immune Set?


1) Take one sachet a day.

2) Mix with 100ml water in the portable blender

3) Drink it immediately.

Overall, I feel my body more lighter and energized. I love the packaging as it comes in a sachet pack. Just pour in your blender and mix with water and you are ready to consume. I consume BioMe Happy Family Immune Set daily before I start my work. 
I also share BioMe products with my family and they like them so much. The drink tastes nice and it packs with nutrients that needs by our body and skin. 
BioMe bundle set is available on the BioMe website. check
BioMe Happy Family Immune Set- RM669BioMe Bio Boost- RM249

BioMe Bio Glow- RM249

BioMe Bio Juice- RM219

BioMe Bio Daily Plus- RM199 Besides that, you get to enjoy 50% discount for this bundle set. You also will get a Complimentary Electrical Blender with Name Engrave Customized for Bundle set and Happy family immune set.

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