BioMe products are great for anytime!For better results,we recommend consuming BioBoost before sleep;BioGlow before sleep or after breakfast;BioJuice after a heavy meal or after dinner;BioDaily Plus as breakfast or meal replacement for dinner/supper.

Yes.You can incorporate our products into your diet.

For examples:Mix BioDaily Plus with BioBoost before workout as your energy drink;mix BioGlow with BioBoost for greater absorption and results

Yes.Our products are all made from natural ingredients and safe for women in pregnancy and also breastfeeding.We suggest always checking with your doctor or medical practitioner before adding a new supplement to your diet.


Our products are designed for the whole family’s nutritional needs.However,we always recommend consulting your family’s healthcare provider or nutritionist as it may contains allergic agents to your kids.

Yes.You can replace your breakfast, lunch or dinner with BioDaily Plus,just simply add some fruits,oats and/or low fat milk and blend well together for a fuller satiety

Besides BioGlow which is made from Salmon Peptide,the other products are all made from natural plant based ingredients


You may go to to track your parcel with the tracking number provided on your invoice.

Yes.You may sign up to our membership through our website at for more discount and rewards.

Your order will be arrived approximately 3 to 5 working days,depending on the delivery address (West or East Malaysia) once the order is placed.*Subject to courier service’s changes.